Everyone learns at their own pace, you might remember this from your days at school. Nowadays, video training and online tutorials offer a way of learning that we didn't have 20 years ago. Yes, you could buy training CD-ROMs and go through them. Online trainings are different though, as they allow you to interact with the trainers and ask questions!

Here at wpwiz.net, we believe that video tutorials in combination with user interaction are a powerful way to get more and more people educated around the best free Content Management System on the market today!

Don't watch these tutorials

In order to learn, you need to practice and follow steps yourself. You will never learn by just watching. With wpwiz.net online trainings, you need to copy the same steps we do and work in parallel to our trainings. We want you to play around with your WordPress installation while you are watching our tutorials.

WordPress E-Learning is all about training yourself in a structured manner. We want to ensure you have lots of moments of joy and success, and very few of frustration (there will always be some frustration, welcome to web design!).