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online-training Membership Options

Below you will see the different subscription options. The main differences between the free and paid membership are:

Feature Free Membership Paid Membership
Learn basics around WordPress  Yes Yes
Hosting advice (local vs web host) Yes Yes
Useful tools for web design Yes Yes
Installing WordPress and basic customization  Yes Yes
Selecting the right theme Yes Yes
Reviewing your objectives and business plan Yes
Establishing measurable goals Yes
Security Tips Yes
Search Engine Optimization workshop Yes
Tweaking WordPress for performance gains Yes
Plugins to avoid at all cost Yes
How to encrypt your entire web site with SSL for less than 10USD Yes


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$9one-time payment
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    not renewable.
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Annual membership

$49per year
  • Premium Access to all content on for 1 year,
    renews at 30% discount hereafter.
  • Email and skype support

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