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WordPress E-Learning

Everyone learns at their own pace, you might remember this from your days at school. Nowadays, video training and online tutorials offer a way of learning that we didn't have 20 years ago. Yes, you could buy training CD-ROMs and go through them. Online trainings are different though, as they allow you to interact with the

WordPress Hosting Tips

Many people I know swear on their hosting. It were the best, the most reliable, the best value for money, the best service etc, they say. There are tons of hosting comparison web sites out there, many of which are pure affiliate sites that will showcase the hosting company that pays the highest commission as

Making your WordPress site secure

Get a wpwiz.net account now and enjoy our free video trainings! To new users of WordPress that are not very tech-savvy, the topic of security can be a little traumatizing at first, especially when they do some research on the internet and find all the technical instructions around SSL, cookies and tokens etc. (have