If you want to build a WordPress website and have little prior knowledge, wpwiz.net is for you!. Enjoy WPWIZ at your own pace, and decide what you want to learn more about.
We'll share all the secrets of WordPress with you, such as building and maintaining a successful website! Our course includes SEO and security aspects you won't want to miss!
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wpwiz is all you need to learn to build your website from A to Z. We understand you are not a professional web developer and our tutorials are understandable to anyone, provided you follow them all as per the course outline. Our key focus during the course is your need. We want you to run a successful web site and understand all the elements to make you feel in control. We will NOT make you a professional web developer (but pretty close ;-).

Once again, in a nutshell:

  • Save hundreds of hours of own web research
  • Pace yourself as you wish
  • We will build a web site together like the pros do
  • Performance, Security and Maintenance are covered as well

Our latest free tutorials

  • Free Software to start developing with WordPress

1 – Developing with WordPress and free software

In this tutorial we will be looking at the developing with WordPress while using free software. There are a few handy tools some of them you probably know, others you may not have heard of yet.
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